Medical Support

Medical Support for Baby Sarah

Baby Sarah turned 2 a month ago and in spite of constant health struggles and hospital visits, she is a delight to her parents and extended family. Cheerfully reciting the alphabet and numbers in Hindi and Kannada she prays in words only an innocent little child can, thanking God for her family and asking Him for a liver. May her prayer be answered.

Before 10 month old Sarah was given a name, she was given a diagnosis. Chronic Liver Disease was a tragic reality that greeted parents and family members , sending them to the hospital with a quiet hope that their baby would be fine. But at 2 months, Sarah underwent her first surgery and her second surgery at 3 months. Unfortunately, her liver is not functioning as it should and doctors have advised liver transplant within the next 4 weeks. Her mother will be the donor and the surgery alone costs 18 lakhs- an amount the family is overwhelmed by. Sarah's grandmother, Mrs Nirmala has worked as a cleaner and cook with Crossroads for the past 8 years and we want to help.
This is an endeavour to raise as much funds as possible to lessen the load on the family.
Every rupee collected will be paid directly to the hospital towards Sarah's operation.
We request you to join us in supporting this family and in giving baby Sarah a chance at life.
Please find the doctors reports as downloadable attachments.

Sarah Medical Report


Your support will enable us to reach out to more young people, have more programs and facilities by which various needs of young people can be addressed.

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