What we do

Community Development: Our team works among Pre - Adolescents and Adolescents in ecomomically backward neighbhourhoods, high schools and colleges providing counselling, academic coaching, one on one and small group mentoring.

Special needs: Our focus is among children and youth with physical and mental disabilities often forgotten and invisible in regular society, our goal is to give these youngsters a sense of value and bring awareness to the rest of society about their importance and worth.

Main Stream High School and College: Our staff and leaders interact with high school and college students on various campuses in the city providing value education, life skills as well as counselling and mentoring.

Leadership Development: Our leadership development program involves one on one small group mentoring that equip young people to be leaders among their peers and be people who are able to positively contribute to society and the country. Our internship programs provide training and hands on application of skills learnt.

Camping: Our camps are filled with excitement, adventure challenges and life changing experiences that take youngsters out of their comfort zones and teaches them valuable life lessons.

Your support will enable us to reach out to more young people, have more programs and facilities by which various needs of young people can be addressed.

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