Every young person wants to be SOMEONE. Every young person has a dream that is BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES. Every young person has a PURPOSE.

Every young person could quite possibly finds themselves at the Crossroads of lifeā€¦. Wondering which voice to listen to, which path to take, always a longing to find and fulfill their true purpose. We at CROSSROADS hope to provide a support system where young people are valued, nurtured and heard.

Over half the population of our country India, are below the age of 35 years. As Crossroads, we believe that every young person, everywhere, has the potential to impact the community, society, city, state, country and the world for the better.

Our outreach is not based on educational background, economic status, gender, religion, capabilities or lack of. In spite of their ability to bring about change, young people are faced with innumerable challenges as they navigate through the pressures and expectations of their peers, parents and society at large. This literally leaves many of them at the "Crossroads" of life!

All of us are on a journey towards WHOLINESS. We are pursuing Spiritual, Emotional and Physical fulfillment and health. The journey is not without it's challenges, stresses and ups and downs. This can get overwhelming for many.

We hope to provide guidance, support and friendship along this journey. We are all in this together.

Your support will enable us to reach out to more young people, have more programs and facilities by which various needs of young people can be addressed.

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